Sustainable Vegan Bags

Handbags and purses made from recycled materials - Landfill

55% of all waste ends up in Landfills. So, we only use recycled materials in our Vegan handbags and purses, we have already saved millions of bottles from reaching the Oceans and landfill sites.


Handbags and Purses made from Recycled Materials

At LaBante London the state of our environment is of the utmost importance to us. Our small contribution in helping to reduce the amount of plastic which is ending up in our oceans and landfill sites is by using recycled polyester for the interiors of all our Designer Vegan handbags and purses.

‘In the UK alone 35.8 Million plastic bottles are discarded each day’

The polyester is made by breaking down single use plastic bottles (PET bottles) into pellets, these are then melted, cooled and spun into yarn. So instead of using new fabrics, which waste water we use this recycled fabric. 

eco friendly designer handbags


Sustainable Handbags, Made with Sustainable Materials.

The outers of our bags are made with over 50% vegetable oil (which is a renewable natural source) and the Polyurethane used is water based an solvent free, unlike several so called ‘Sustainable bag brands’ we don’t use PVC in our range of sustainable fashion bags and purses, as PVC is non bio-degradable, or degradable. Items made from PVC take retain their for for decades and the breakdown that does occur is just granulation, whilst this would reduce manufacturing cost, and increase profits, this is not the Sustainable, or Ethical route to take.

‘80% of all plastic used in the world is NOT recycled’

 We also use recycled fabrics Organic Cotton for our dust bags, and our paper swing tags are recycled as well as recyclable. 

 LaBante London’s range of sunglasses are made from 100% recycled wood and are packaged in bamboo, the cardboard boxes we use are also environmentally friendly. 

‘Did you know PET Bottles can take up to 700 years to dissolve.’

sustainable vegan bags


Eco Friendly Designer Handbags

We try to create a circular use of items so instead of wastage we reuse our own waste and push the boundaries of sustainability. As such we currently use only two kinds of Vegan leather in our Vegan Handbags and purses, both of which are in sync with the larger environment.

Labante London is an Ethical sustainable vegan bag Brand, who cares about the enviroment.